What is it?



In Mould Labelling (IML) is an advanced pre decorating technique used for injection-moulded containers and lids, which was pioneered in Europe during the early 1970’s. The technique has become a very popular method of product enhancement that has replaced self-adhesive and heat transfer decoration.

The in mould labelling process entails the label being placed into an open mould and held in the desired position by electrostatic attraction. The mould closes and molten plastic resin is injected into the mould where it conforms to the shape of the object. The hot plastic envelopes the label, making it part of the moulded object.




Why use IML ?



There is a growing demand for convenient, premium, cost competitive food packaging using superior design features and finishing characteristics combined with IML.

This new style of packaging is increasingly appearing on supermarket shelves Australia wide. Being able to use high-resolution graphics is the signature of IML and this is improving the look of a growing number of products in the marketplace.

IML is a cost-effective form of container decoration for consumers who want a premium look combined with a moisture and grease proof labelling solution. Brand owners are increasingly competing by using their own labels and select IML to differentiate their products and add a premium look.




How can Chanrol help ?



As major developers of food packaging in Australia, Chanrol are constantly looking for innovative and more economical solutions for the packaging of food products, and as such, we have internally developed IML for the Dip market.

For many years Chanrol has been active in the development of IML for Thin Wall Applications. Using sophisticated, high-speed robotics, combined with advanced mould and label technology from Europe, Chanrol is further pioneering in this field.







In recent years, legal labelling requirements have become an additional factor, making food producers switch from off-set printing to IML as it can cope much better with the increased amount of information which needs to be put on products.







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